Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spain houses one of the most powerful leagues in the world. However, their national team has not booked any big successes. Coach Luis Aragones wants to outdo the 4th place finish, all the way back in 1950. Spain needs to create their world cup dream. In 2002, no other then, South Korea crushed them in the quarterfinals.
Ukraine has no losses in the world cup final tournament, and no wins either. They have never played at the world cup finals. The young country, that was not to long ago on Soviet grounds, tried three times to be with the final 32. The third time, this time, they succeeded. Coach Oleg Blokhin wants to take that magic into the tournament and spark the Ukrainian miracle of the world cup 2002.
The Spaniards start the game without mercy, and turn the pressure on full force. Two strikers stumble over each other, and the ball misses.
"An adventures strike early in the game," says the commentator.
In the fourth minute, Ukraine creates their first attack. A striker heads the ball, from a pass into the box, over the target.
Spain counters fiercely, and they are not letting down. Spain takes strong control over the game and open fire on the goal of Ukraine.
"A dream start for Spain," calls the commentator as a striker heads the ball in from a corner.


The Spaniards ride the momentum, and in the sixteenth minute, the dream of Ukraine receives a deadly punch. Spain takes a free kick from 20 meters in front of goal. A defender in the wall of Ukraine can deflect the ball with his head. Only he fooled his own keeper, who is now diving in the wrong direction.
"A disaster’s start for Ukraine," says the commentator. "At the moment Ukraine is playing the role of the nervous debutants.”
Ukraine gets in the 31st minute finally another shot at the goal, it looks more like a playback ball of a teammate. The keeper catches the ball comfortably in his stomach, and unleashes it back to the Spanish strikers. They unleash their own shots at target. The Ukrainian coach will be shouting in the locker room during half time, while the Spanish might brake out the champagne.
The drama for Ukraine gets a tail early in the second half. A striker of Spain and a defender of Ukraine run towards the Ukrainian goal, battling for possession of the ball. In the Penalty box the Spaniard stretches over the grass, penalty.
"That is a bad call," shouts the commentator. After seeing the repeat several times on television, I agree, bad call.

The first penalty of the tournament is fired hard in the left bottom corner. The keeper dives and fools the commentator in saving the ball. But he was nowhere near.


"Thing are going from bad to worse, for Ukraine," sharply remarks the commentator.
Spain throws the brakes on the game, I wonder if Spain feels like it done enough.
In the 62nd minute Ukraine tries to profit from the new found space. A hard shot from 18 meters curves a foot wide of the post, no goal.
"Too little to late," says the commentator. And Spain takes back full control. The ball end in the net, but the whistle had blown. It seems to boost the Spaniards.
"Ukraine is chasing shadows."
In the 81 minute, the dream of Ukraine is crushed like an elephant can crush a mouse. A striker of Spain only needs one touch on the ball for a cannonball strike.


Spain stuns the world.
"No more siestas today," says the commentator.
Not in Spain, maybe in Ukraine they want to sleep it off.